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Image by Jason Dent

Calling All Do Gooders

Help make this event great!

The Bike Duluth Festival is looking for enthusiastic folks to volunteer at our community biking event. If you have a passion for Duluth trails and an outdoor spirit, this is the event to get involved with!

Volunteer Opportunities

Race Registration

Mountain biking registration involves facilitating the sign-up process for mountain biking events. Racers register through platforms managed by coordinators who handle inquiries and ensure the smooth distribution of race materials. 

Water Stations

Managing a water station involves providing hydration to riders along the course. Volunteers ensure ample water and electrolyte drinks are available, replenishing supplies as needed. Their encouragement and support contribute to a positive race experience, helping riders stay hydrated and energized throughout the challenging terrain.

Finish Area  Activities

Managing finish area activities involves coordinating post-race festivities and logistics. Volunteers oversee the distribution of medals, refreshments, and other amenities to riders as they complete the race. Their goal is to create a welcoming and celebratory atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for riders and spectators alike.

Course Officiating

and Timing

Course officiating and timing ensures fair competition and accurate recording of participants' race times. Officials stationed along the course monitor the course and adhere to race rules and regulations, intervening when necessary to maintain fairness and safety. Timing systems accurately track each rider's progress, providing real-time data and official results for the event (equipment provided).

Setup & Teardown

Setting up for an event involves preparing the venue, arranging equipment, and ensuring everything is in place for a successful race. Staff meticulously organize spaces, install decorations, and test technical equipment to ensure seamless execution. After the event, tear-down teams efficiently dismantle infrastructure, clean the venue, and return rented equipment, leaving the space as they found it.

& More!

More positions are available, click out the link below for additional information!

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