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Mountain Bike Program

is a beneficiary of the 2024 Bike Duluth Festival in recognition of their dedication to fostering a love for cycling among youth in the Duluth area. As a community organization, their efforts have significantly impacted the next generation by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

About DEVO Duluth Mountain Bike Program

The mission of the Duluth DEVO Mountain Bike Program is to build strong bodies, minds and relationships through lifelong cycling.

Founded in 2013, as the Duluth Composite Mountain Bike Team, DEVO began as a team participating in the Minnesota High School Cycling League and have expanded to include programs for elementary-aged youth, as well as riders seeking more technical riding in our enduro program and youth interested in adventure riding rather than racing.

DEVO Duluth's programs have expanded to serve over 350 youth in 2023 in grades 2 - 12, and we are now known as Duluth DEVO Mountain Bike Program.  

2025 Vision: Duluth DEVO will be the leading Duluth-area organization where any youth can grow and thrive in an inclusive mountain biking community led by skilled and caring coaches



Kickers is open to riders who can balance on a balance bike and communicate with their coaches.



This is our program for youths entering grades 2-3 that focuses on creating a FUN and supportive environment where the riders will learn basic riding skills



This program is for girls and boys entering grades 4 though 6 this fall. The focus will be on creating a fun and supportive environment where riders can increase their confidence and skills in riding mountain bikes.



DEVO’s adventure team operates under the guidance of trained coaches and ride volunteers to manage risks, while maximizing excitement, and exploration of our local world class riding opportunities.



Instruction will focus on bike body positioning, cornering, drops, jumps, line selection, riding "B" lines and general enduro riding strategies.



The program focuses on training for racing and will help you develop the fitness, technique, and strategy to race in a mountain bike race.

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